Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Ethiopian Students

Since I have been back I am thinking often of my students in Ethiopia. I refer to them several times a week in my Sacramento classroom. I wonder how they are doing, and how they will do in the future with such limited opportunities. Enjoy the photos. Please ask my permission before you use them. From top to bottom: Marry, Frezer, Hamelmal, and Enyou


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bro,

I like the life your bringing to your experience in Ethiopia. You gonna do it again?

Your bro,

The Cedars Addiction Program for Young Women said...

Cute and looks friendly. They are the next generation of Ethiopia.
Sahel Info

Tigi Hair Products said...

Ethiopia has a lot of stories. I saw on television how pathetic their country. I will see my one family haiti .