Monday, April 21, 2008

Lord Willing

So I am learning and realizing that I might have some technology issues to work through. My ability to post will depend on several factos:The availability of telephones lines, the flexibility of the manager of the telephone office in a nearby town, the conditions of the roads, the version of Internet Explorer, etc.

I am currently writing from a computer that does not recognize any of's buttons (hyperlink, insert, etc.) and so I can't upload the map until I reach home.

Thanks to Chanman ( for linking my site. Perhaps I'll have to have him blog for me in absentia (I have not checked with him yet about this, but can't imagine him saying no). So what I might be able to do is email him my posts, picture, and videos and have him post them on my blog. I think that would work - oh, the wonders of technology.

A first lesson learned - the resources just might not be there. It is why my favorite phrase has become, "Lord Willing".

1 comment:

Chanman said...

NO! Absolutely not! Forget it! ...Well, I don't know, maybe.

Heck ya! Why not?

If you send it, Chanman will post.