Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pain in the Back

So I made the mistake of trying to lift the lawnmower about three feet off the ground myself. The result: my back has been "out" since Wednesday. So I have been sleeping, laying on my back with heat and ice, sleeping, doing some reading and tv watching, a very little bit of prayer, sleeping, heating and icing. My kids say I look like an old man as I shuffle around the house.

So what do I take away from it - resting in the Lord. Sometimes things just happen to us that we can't control; our plans get set aside because of our limitations. As Americans we hate this. We are good at removing obstacles, whether they be a person, a system, or a piece of technology; that which does not serve our immediate need for efficiency or expediency gets removed.

Thankfully God is not like that. He is strong when we are weak. Which is exactly how I have been feeling.

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