Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Easy Part of Getting Ready

So I had this vibe that I should go to the thrift store tonight; I just had this feeling that I would find what I needed. Indeed I did. I came home with a nice Lands End Sportcoat (cost $6.00) and a sturdy carry-on bag (cost $4.00). Both are in very good condition. In fact, both look just like the pictures above but cost a lot less.
Now I know what you're thinking - a sportscoat? Yes, in fact a lightweight wool sportcoat will be appropriate for both the climate (50 degrees in July) and social occasions, especially going to church.
I'm planning on packing very light. Here is my first draft of a list:
3-5 pair of lightweight wool socks
3-5 pair of travel undergarments
1 long sleeve base layer
1 base layer long john
1 pair leather boots
2 pair of khakis
3 button up shirts
1 sport coat
small umbrella
1 t-shirt
1 light wool sweater
light polyester coat
Clothing wise am I missing anything?

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MikesDad said...

You will always dress like your dad. You can't escape. It's in your genes!!!!