Friday, May 9, 2008

Just A Few

So I'm sitting at my computer trying to gather my thoughts about the trip. I just can't seem to put them in any logical or poetic order. I'll share them in the raw:

1. I wonder to what extent Haile Sellassie, Bob Marley, and Rastafarianism enter into the mind of the average Ethiopian.
2. The Rift Valley cuts through Ethiopia.
3. I've got to pray a lot more than I do.
4. In what way will I fast.
5. How much will I miss my conveniences?
6. Did you see those photos . . . we're talking wide open spaces . . . places to worship God.
7. Did you see that church . . . do I get the honor of worshipping there? Finally, a simple church building!!!
8. How am I going to stash all those Birr?
9. Walking, lots of walking . . . feet hold up please.
10. Living simple.
11. Who will become my friends?
12. What social mistakes will I make?
13. I really want to drive from Addis to Jima to Masha.
14. Should I really get that tent? (I just can't get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent on a bed. Malaria is not an issue but will those rats be?)
15. People everywhere, all the time. Comfortable with embracing. America is a lonely place.
16. Will the warmness of their smiles and happiness in their eyes rub off on me?
17. No hiding out at the base, get out amongst the people.
18. Will my stomach handle the different foods, the water, the smells?
19. Will my allergies act up?
20. How often will I be able to communicate with my family?
21. Will I get taken advantage of when buying goods?
22. Are the students really that motivated and focused?
23. To what extent will I become part of the community (I really want to be part of the community!) and close to people?
24. Is dressing like a local cool or will I look like poser?
25. How hard will it be psychologically to come home to the U.S.? Who will I miss?

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