Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Whether your read it or watched it on film, we all remember the vivid scene when Oliver Twist asks for more mush, don't we?
Well, I am asking for more. Not for me, but for the other teacher. I want to thank all of those who gave; I can't thank you enough. I am close to having all I need to go.
But, in order to tutor 50 Ethiopian students we need to send another teacher. The plan is to tutor 100 Ethiopian students so they can pass their English exam and continue their education. The children of Masha have come to look forward to this tutorial and it would be a shame if we could only educate 50 kids, or even worse, cancel the trip all together.
So I am asking for more. The most expedient method is to donate through www.servealongside.org and be sure to select English for Ethiopia. You can contact me by email after that stating that you gave to the other teacher, MaryJane. I will make sure to inform the accountant that it is for her trip.

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