Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sick with Support

One of the events I fear most is getting sick while in Ethiopia. Illness just hits me hard - fever, chills, aches - I rarely get the sniffles, usually it is more like a mudslide. So here I am with a week to go and I have been flat on my back with, you guessed it, fever, chills, etc. To top it off, my wife is also quite ill. Usually just one of us gets ill, but this time it is both of us, so I called in the reserves - my dad.

My mom will be taking care of her 80 year old father while he undergoes surgery, and my dad is taking care of his 38 year old son and daughter in law. He bought us Advil, Nyquil, and throat spray. Right now, he and my eldest daughter are finishing up the large pile of dishes which have accumulated over the weekend. Dad, will be sacrificing the opportunity to make sales commissions.

Carol Skinner, of the E4E team, brought pizza by and made sure the kids got fed.

I am already cheered by this support and am hoping that one more day of rest finds me fit again. After all, I've got to buy those boots.

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