Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After many hours of half-awake thought on the plane home from Ethiopia, and in the early morning hours here in the U.S., the way to write about my experience finally dawned on me - themes.
I expected this blog to be chronological. I kept a journal of daily events while in Ethiopia. But after reading it a couple of times I found it too mundane for reading. There are some highlights of course, but they don't make up for the mundane nature of the trip. So the best course of action is to write periodically in themes or vignettes even; "Masha City Cruisers", "Food", " Gas- both mechanical and human", "Church", etc.
It is tempting to "firehose" it, that is give it to the readers all at once. But, I think the better course is to stretch out my posts a couple times a week. I'm hoping to include video as well as still imagery.
I thrive off of your feedback and comments, so please keep those coming. Thank you for all the comments you made while I was in country. I hope that you'll be able to maintain that level of momentum over the next few months.
The photo above was taken a few days before I left Masha. We were dining at the home of one of my students. We had Siga Wat, homemade made wheat coca, and lots of coffee. We left stuffed.

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Anonymous said...

Theme away! Looking forward to your entries. We've been playing phone tag and I know I'll get the full scoop when we finally talk but let's see it. By the way, you didn't look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
Your Bro,