Sunday, August 3, 2008

Culture Shock - Ethiopian Style

The secret to traveling on rough roads is to find a way to sleep, or at least cat nap. That is what we did on our return trip to Addis. We are now in Addis and it does not seem so foreign to us after spending three weeks in the countryside.

Addis will be fun. Tomorrow we go shopping and kick around a bit. The next day we are invited by our driver to his home for coffee ceremony and lunch.
Too much to update at this time; much of my experience has to be sorted out. One thing is clear - you are very much in the moment.

Today was my first contact with the outside world. I learned that there was an earthquake in L.A., Sastre won the Tour, Pres. Bill Clinton is in Addis, and that Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

We will be making the long flight home this Tuesday at 7pm. I promised myself a really good book. I hope I can find something tomorrow. I know that when I land in D.C. I'm hitting the newsstands. Reading will keep at bay the antsy feeling of "I wanna go home".

There is another team here at the Addis Guest House. They are from L.A. and have had a very different experience than us. There was a bit of a "disconnect". It didn't help that we look and smell different from them (we are the bushy haired, muddy, and stinky ones). I actually experienced culture shock when they did not greet us in the Ethiopian way. I'll have to do a post on cultural assimilation at a later time.

I'm almost home and nervous about getting back into the swing of things. Can't wait to see my wife and children; I know they'll lovingly listen to every story and endure every photo (many of which I will post when I get home).



Anonymous said...

Welcome home Bro! Do you look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away now? Don't forget to bring home Wilson.

Sounds like it was a great trip and that you'll have many stories. I know Angie and the kids will be happy to see you.

Your bro,

Anonymous said...

We hope you had a great experience.
Welcone back to the other world, life is different no matter where you go. Glad you could help.

Tio & Tia

First Assembly of God said...

Ethiopia is a poor country. I can not imagine living there. Good post.
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