Monday, July 28, 2008

English for Ethiopia Update (from Art Pabst)

English for Ethiopia Update
July 27, 2008
We want to pass along to you that both last Sunday (July 20) and today we talked at length with our team in Maasha, Ethiopia. Both times we talked with each team member and Kes Tesfaye.
Here are some highlights:
The vehicle and driver that Hailu arranged has been working out well. The driver is originally from Maasha. Isn't that cool?!
The teaching is going well. Lynn moved from the support role to the teacher role. That means there are three classes with about fifty students in each. The teachers have been invited to 'home visits' which has been fun for them. Always they are served food of some sort and this past Friday the home visit included a full meal and coffee ceremony. Being in the homes of the people is a treat! Please pray for the teachers as they go into their final week with the students.
They have been doing quite well in the health arena. Lynn was down one day and Michael one day but both are doing fine now. Please continue to pray for this area too.
Bob and Dave and Kes Tesfaye traveled to Tepi Saturday.
The whole team worshipped at Gecha this morning in the new church there.
Kes Girma is done with his studies in Addis and is back in Maasha. He is getting his family settled and will be assuming the responsibility of President of the Maasha Presbytery. This will free Kes Tesfaye to focus more on the translation work and oversee the partnership relationship with those of us here in the US.
Bob and Dave cleaned out the gas stove and got it working. Lynn baked a cake today and said it looked good when she took it out of the oven. That will be a treat for the team.
With time drawing to a close there, the team members expressed mixed feelings. They are grateful for the devotional, the prayers and support they feel. Team devotions have been going well.
Please pray for their final week to be rich in many ways…….with the students, with the church leaders, within the team, with the people in the community in general. Pray for safe travel as they leave Maasha on Saturday (Aug 2) to travel back to Addis. Pray for the time they have in Addis to be used well. They are due to arrive in SFO on Aug 6.
Thank you for caring and praying.
With thanksgiving for an all-powerful, all-sufficient & everywhere present God,
Karen & Art

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