Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some short snippets

Metu does not exist! I kept saying this to myself over and over again on yesterday's journey. We drove for about 8 hrs. taking a short break for lunch in Bedelle. The drive from Jimma was mind-numbing (I hate driving in cars) and very bumpy. There was no way to sit completely upright in the backseat and be comfortable and you were bounced around the cab a lot. The bags kept spilling over. At times we were driving about 60 and other times about 20, and it made for a long and torturous journey.

Our two drivers, Alemu (from Jimma) and Alasar are very responsible young men, capable drivers, and good tour guides. We encountered Babboons, Hail, and lots of potholes yesterday.

The road is used in many different ways. There are no fences which act as a barrier. As you drive the animals lie in the middle of it and the people recline on the edge. Materials are dried on the side of the road, and it is a place for social gatherings and play.

The accomodations are comfortable, but you have to share them with a few small roaches and a lizard/gecko type animal. Dogs, cows, and mosquitoes provide the evening's musical entertainment ( along with my roomate Dave).

Almost all villages look kind of the same as you drive thru them.

The most dominant smell is acrid smoke.

The computer here at Metu is not very internet reliable. Modem speed is about 45 kpbs. At the moment of this typing, I'm not certain that I will actually get off an email.

It is off to Masha today. We leave behind the Metu teaching team. We had a nice meal of soup and bread with them last night. We also met Bekelle, and Malaku, and letters were delivered to Kes Mersha.

Lord willing, we only drive two more hours up another 1500 feet elevation.

Much more to say but have to keep it brief as others are waiting for the internet. I may be out of contact for a few weeks. We'll see?


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe,
The girls were impressed about the Baboons! We all cringed at the work "cockroaches" and Hadley asked what "pot holes" were. Hang in there with the've almost made it! We all love you very much,
Ang and the kids

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Great job on your humerous description of the life I lived before coming to America. I am sure you will treasure your time in Ethiopia minus the inconveniences. Try to visit the historical towns up north - Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and the Nile River Falls, aka, Tis Abbaay "Smokey Nile".

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! We are thrilled to be reading this! I will keep it short - I know you don't have much time online- know we are praying for your saftey and for your family during this time. Continue to soak up this wonderfully different culture! My hands sweat and heart races just hearing about it - what an awesome experience!
Tim and Jana