Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good news from Maasha!

Phone message left on Art's machine from Bob Schroeder:

Classes going well. Lynn is teaching (47 students). Had dinner at Tesfaye's. Yenenesh is cooking, two helpers. Shewaynesh doing laundry. Looking for Rotary water funding. Good vehicle and driver from Hailu


Jennifer said...

With you in Spirit. Blessings!!

-- Jenni Wood,
Fremont Deacon

Linda said...

Hi Bub,
I am just so darn proud of you and your adventuresome spirit. Hope you are well and enjoying the many different aspects of the culture over there? Everyone here is fine, the kids and I will be heading to Sacto next Thursday for a few days, looking forward to it.

Love you very much, Your Mom

Anonymous said...

Sup Bro,

I still can't believe you are in Ethiopia. Sounds like things are going well, as we all expected they would. Savhanna and Jake will be up with mom next week to hang with Ang and the kids. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.



Lissan Magazine said...

We are happy and excited to read that you are already in Ethiopia and that you are already feeling at home. We will follow up your adventure with great interest. We wish you a great time. Don't miss to enjoy the morning sun there. They say that it is the healthiest thing that one should enjoy daily.

Lissan Magazine Team